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PlayStation VR receives $100 price cut

Sony's headset now cheapest on the market

The VR price war rages on with Sony today announcing a permanent $100 price cut to its headset.

As of tomorrow the PSVR will be priced at $299, making it the cheapest of the three main headsets on the market.

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive both received price cuts recently but are still more expensive at $399 and $499 respectively.

Since the PSVR launch in October 2016, around 300 titles have been developed for the platform.

"With the attractive new price point, [we] will further expand the PSVR platform along with the great line-up of exciting VR games and revolutionary experiences, delivering PlayStation as the best place to play to users worldwide," said Sony in a statement.

As Sony reduces the price on its hardware, Valve prepares to launch the high-end HTC Vive Pro with a price tag of $799.

Seemingly unable to compete with the PSVR's dominant market share, and losing ground against Oculus on its own platform, Valve's strategy is to court the vote of tech enthusiasts by offering the most high-end hardware available.

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