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WholesGame launches wholesaler price comparison site

The Wholesale Video Games Marketplace is among the first of its kind for buyers and sellers of wholesale games

WholesGame, an online platform for buyers and sellers of wholesale video games, has announced the launch of a market comparison service.

The Wholesale Video Games Marketplace, a platform which allows wholesalers to advertise their stock on a market comparison page, has launched into an open beta.

Similar marketplace comparisons already exist for the sale of individual games, but WholesGame's new platform is among the first of its kind for buyers and sellers of wholesale games.

"This is a powerful tool for professional buyers of video games," said Alex Schmidt, the head of the Wholesale Video Games Marketplace on WholesGame.

"It allows to track stock from different suppliers. Instead of going through many daily stock list emails from different suppliers, a buyer can just visit our website, search and find an item page, and it will automatically display the suppliers who have this item in their stock at that day, and the prices."

Buyers and sellers must sign up in order to use the service; several major UK and US distributors are already signed up to the platform, along with thousands of additional buyers.

For $29.99 a year, members can register for the premium service. This will grant access to additional features including a list of wholesale distributors, lists of retailers, list of digital distributors, and average wholesale prices.

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