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Organisational restructure at Streamline Media Group

Four new business divisions announced to provide products and services to the games industry

Streamline Media Group has today announced an organisational restructure in a bid to drive growth and expand services offered to the games industry.

The new structure will provide more targeted products and services across games, entertainment, government, and finance industries worldwide.

Under the new structure, Streamline Media Group will be organised into four new divisions: Streamline Games, All Pixels, Streamline Studios, and Streamframe.

Based in Kuala Lumpur and managed by Streamline co-founder Stefan Baier, Streamline Games will provide AAA cross-platform game development and creation services. Streamline Games is also focusing on designing its own original IP for console, PC, and mobile platforms.

All Pixels, managed by former Streamline Studios project manager Yea Ji Oh, will offer scalable content creation for AAA and mobile games, working in 3D asset production, character modelling, texturing and basic rigging. All Pixels will also provide QA, IT support, and in-house Japanese translation/interpretation support.

Headed by Richard Cheah, former senior production manager, Streamline Studios was built from the ground-up by game developers and has delivered on more than 300 AAA games, films, and advertising projects. The division will continue to operate as before, offering external development contracts to developers and publishers of all sizes.

Streamframe is the world's first external development platform for video games. Born out of Streamline Studio's wealth of development and production experience, Streamframe is a unique platform that combines client management, production management, and security in "an easy to use social network-like experience." The division will be jointly managed by Razlan Saharudin, Tyson Tiatia and Mahdi Saemi.

"Today's announcement is the culmination of 17 years of making games and providing game development as a service to the industry's best," said Alexander L. Fernandez, CEO.

"Our new brands streamline the process of engaging with our teams while focusing in on critical areas and challenges the industry continues to face.

"Streamline Media Group and its brands are already involved in groundbreaking projects worldwide in games, entertainment, government, and finance sectors."

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