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Red Bull announces UK's largest public esports studio

Studio launches later this month in partnership with ASUS Republic of Gamers, Noblechairs, and Newegg

Red Bull has today announced its new public-access studio, the Red Bull Gaming Sphere.

Located in Shoreditch, London, the studio is the largest of its kind in the UK. Launching later this month, it aims to act as a hub for the UK's gaming and esports communities.

The Red Bull Gaming Sphere will also host esports tournaments and community events, with the ambition of helping the UK esports scene to grow and develop.

Designed a a multi-purpose facility, the Red Bull Gaming Sphere has a modular setup that allows for bespoke configuration depending on the event.

Additionally, guests will have opportunities to meet and play with esports professionals through workshops or one-on-one activities, with in-house leaderboards.

The London Gaming Sphere is the second of two new studios that Red Bull is opening, following the recent launch of the Tokyo Gaming Sphere in Japan in February.

"The unique venues are set to become the home of gaming and esports within their territories, and the Gaming Spheres represent Red Bull's continued commitment to growing and supporting the gaming and esports communities," said Red Bull in a statement.

To equip the London Gaming Sphere, Red Bull has partnered with technology suppliers around the world including ASUS Republic of Gamers, Noblechairs, and Newegg.

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