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Watch the industry's response to Trump's violent video games reel

Games For Change compiles montage of beautiful and emotional moments from The Last of Us, Zelda, Minecraft, Abzu and more

A not-for-profit video game organisation has created a video counterargument to the President Donald Trump's showreel of violence in games.

The footage, which you can view below, represents a broader range of titles than those seen in the video Trump's administration prepared for last week's White House meeting with industry executives.

The organisation Games For Change chose to highlight titles such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Abzu, Minecraft, Ori and the Blind Forest, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Life is Strange, The Witness, Journey and Monument Valley.

Games For Change also took the time to factor in emotional and beautiful moments from titles that could be argued as predominantly violent in order to demonstrate there is still more to these games than killing.

The prime example is a clip from The Last of Us, which shows Ellie stroking a wild giraffe. Watch Games For Change's video below.

Cover image for YouTube video

There are 88 seconds of video game footage in this new montage - the same length as Trump's.

President Trump met with various video games executives last week to discuss how violence in our medium might be contributing the America's ongoing issues with school shootings and gun crime.

The video shown to attendees compiles some of the more brutal scenes from the likes of Fallout, Call of Duty and Sniper Elite 4. Its release sparked debate across the games industry.

Deus Ex developer Warren Spector described the footage as "simply disgusting" and added that, while his own games do include violence, the levels of brutality in the titles featured are "in colossally bad taste and everyone associated with those games should be ashamed of themselves."