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Will Wright returns to game development with mobile title Proxi

The Sims creator working with Unity to find an artist for his first games project in almost a decade

One of the longest running game designers is creating new titles once more as Will Wright announces his return.

The driving force behind The Sims, SimCity and Spore teased his new project during Unity's keynote presentation at GDC 2018 in San Francisco: a mobile game entitled Proxi.

In a video teaser, which you can view below, Wright describes Proxi as a game set in the subconscious mind, where players interact in various diorama-like scenes that represent memories.

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The most intriguing part is Wright's hint that the game may change based on how the player behaves. The designer saying that while players will learn about themselves, "[the game] will learn about you."

"This is, in some sense, a game of self-discovery, a game where we uncover the hidden you," he said.

Proxi is being developed by Gallium Artists, but the team is not quite complete. Wright and Unity have announced a content where they will be looking for an artist to help bring the veteran's creative vision to life.

Interested artists will find the details on Unity Connect, the engine provider's social platform. Two finalists will be flown to San Francisco to interview with Will Wright and the other contest judges, with one potentially being selected to work on the final project.

This is Will Wright's first game since 2008's Spore, which saw PC players creating new lifeforms from a cellular stage and evolving them to a space-faring race that could colonise the universe.

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