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DoubleJump Games acquires Tiny Mob

Victoria-based developers join forces, DoubleJump hints at more acquisitions to come

DoubleJump Games has acquired fellow Canadian studio TinyMob Games, the first of what could be several acquisitions for the Victoria-based developer.

The deal will bring both talent and products into DoubleJump: TinyMob's two releases to date, Tiny Realms and MERC, as well as its entire team. TinyMob co-founders Alex Mendelev and Jamie Toghill will transition to executive roles at DoubleJump.

"What's truly compelling about DoubleJump is their refreshingly innovative approach to game distribution," said TinyMob CEO Mendelev. "We saw a unique opportunity to marry TinyMob's game development expertise with DoubleJump's strengths. We are very proud of what TinyMob has accomplished."

DoubleJump Games was co-founded by Ian Stapleton, who also produces content for 8 million subscribers as the popular gaming YouTuber "SSundee". Stapleton said that the deal would "accelerate the execution of our influencer strategy," and a post on the DoubleJump website said that the studio is looking at future acquisitions as a way to grow further.

"Following this deal, we are excited to focus on plans for future growth, including the growth of both the company and its portfolio," said DoubleJump CEO Masoud Nassaji. "We are looking to help other games studios with strategic distribution and look forward to introducing high-calibre games to millions of new players around the world."

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