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Unreal Fest Europe to debut in Berlin next month

Engine provider's conference to be part of German city's official games week, Tim Sweeney to deliver keynote

Epic Games will be hosting its first major European event this April with the inaugural Unreal Fest Europe.

The conference will be held in Berlin from Tuesday, April 24th to Friday, April 27th, and will feature a wide range of talks that share best practices and techniques when using the Unreal Engine to create games.

There will also be a keynote delivered by Epic founder Tim Sweeney, and presentations by developers behind hit games powered by Unreal, such as Hellblade and the upcoming Sea of Thieves. You can find out more at the event's website.

Rival Unity has been running the similar Unite Europe conference for several years, but this is the first time Epic has created a multi-day event to engage developers on the continent.

The event will no doubt draw on learnings from the Japanese edition of Unreal Fest, which has been running for the past couple of years.

The event's European debut has been timed to coincide with Games Week Berlin, an annual festival celebrating the local industry. Epic's conference will be an official event of this year's festival.

"The time is right to create an event that brings European Unreal developers together to learn, share and thrive," said Epic's European territory manager Mike Gamble.

"There are now more developers using the Unreal Engine than ever before. Unreal Fest answers the industry's call for an event that is entirely focused on creating great games using Unreal."

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