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YoYo Games launches publishing arm for GameMaker titles

"There is a real opportunity for us to act as a conduit to success for these developers," says YoYo Games general manager

YoYo Games, the software firm behind GameMaker Studio 2, has announced a new indie publishing division.

Headed up by Chris Trewartha, former senior producer at Outplay Entertainment, the new publishing arm will be geared exclusively towards GameMaker titles.

"We want to build a portfolio of games, made with GameMaker, that really stand out from the crowd through their concept, design and mechanics," said Trewartha.

"We will work with the developers to give them the support they need, enabling them to realise their full potential."

The new publishing division has yet to confirm any titles, but said it was looking to announce its first games in Autumn this year.

"We are blessed with a very creative community, who create highly innovative games," said James Cox, YoYo Games general manager.

"There is a real opportunity for us to act as a conduit to success for these developers, by providing them with our commercial expertise, advanced knowledge of the GameMaker platform and the investment clout that can take them to the next level and beyond."

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