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ModDB parent launches cross-platform API mod.io

New tech makes it easier for developers to add modding tools to their games

DBolical has released mod.io, a new modding solution that will enable developers to get more players contributing to the evolution of their titles.

The new API works across console, PC and mobile, is free of DRM and can be used for both premium and free-to-play games, according to the official website. It also enables developers to create a modding community that is not tied to a platform holder's store, such as Steam.

DBolical is best known for the game development communities it runs online, including ModDB and IndieDB, and believes that this is "the next evolution in empowering developers to take control of the potential for growth and player retention."

Building on the work it has done with ModDB, from which 267 million mods have been downloaded since it first formed in 2002, the mod.io API can be tailored to suit the developer's game, and even allows developers to turn on trading and patronage so modders can reap the rewards of their work and support their future projects.

The success of mods in the PC space is no secret, with countless examples of communities that have developed and refined entire genres and spin-offs from mods built on titles such as Half-Life, Warcraft and Arma. While the mod space is smaller on console, publishers such as Bethesda are pushing for more support for player-created content within their games.

"For too long there has been a lack of tools that help developers support creators in an agnostic manner, restricting modding to a small percentage of tech-savvy users," said CEO and co-creator Scott Reismanis.

"Mod.io removes that barrier, enabling creation, curation and sharing, providing a way for developers to interact directly with their community."

Mod.io is available to developers now, with three titles demonstrating how it might be used: strategy game 0 AD, social virtual world Sinespace and survival title Eco. These have already made several mods available from the site, including new content and assets, links to external software such as Discord, and even additional language translations.

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