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Owlboy turned profit on Nintendo Switch within 24 hours of release

Switch success "bodes really well for funding our future projects" says D-Pad CEO Jo-Remi Madsen

It appears Nintendo has another "Nindies" success story on its hands. During a Reddit AMA yesterday, D-Pad Studios mentioned that Owlboy had already turned a profit 24 hours after it released on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Since Owlboy just released last month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and in February on the Switch, specific sales data was not available. Nonetheless, CEO and Programmer Jo-Remi Madsen stated that the news took the team "by complete surprise" and that the profit "bodes really well for funding our future projects."

Owlboy was released a year and a half ago initially on PC after a nine-year development period. D-Pad Studios started work on the platformer with the intention to, as CEO Simon Andersen put it, "do pixel art right" as 3D play became the norm elsewhere. By the time the game released, Owlboy still found success in a market where 2D indie platformers had become commonplace.

While Nintendo has had a number of indies find success on the Switch, the company has also acknowledged discoverability problems with the eShop storefront, and is working to better highlight deserving content.

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