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Rovio doubles down on Angry Birds with new content roadmap

Multimedia strategy includes stage shows, location-based events, and long form animated series

An animated TV series, live action YouTube content, and location-based entertainment are all on the cards for Angry Birds over the next two years, developer Rovio Entertainment has revealed.

Following the announcement of a second Angry Birds movie, Rovio is doubling down on the multimedia campaign for its flagship franchise.

Along with the long-form animated TV series planned for release in 2020, Rovio has also confirmed an unscritpted competition TV series, a new stage show, location-based projects, along with live-action and animated content for its YouTube channel.

Rovio has also announced a new licensing partnership with global confectioner Perfetti Van Melle which will be bringing a new range of Angry Birds branded Chupa Chups products to market.

Additionally, Rovio has teased the unveiling further partnerships in the coming weeks including licensing deals in North America.

"There has never been a better time to partner with Rovio and the Angry Birds," said Simo Hämäläinen, Rovio senior vice president of brand licensing. "We have the strongest long-term content roadmap that we've ever had."

Although 2017 was a strong year financially for the company, 2018 has been less kind; Rovio's share price halved in February following an investor exodus and, just weeks later, the developer closed its London office only a year after it opened.

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