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Microsoft enables digital game and DLC gifting on PC

This follows the addition of Xbox One digital game, DLC, and subscription gifting last year

In an update last night, Microsoft enabled digital gifting of Microsoft Store PC games and PC downloadable content.

In addition, all Xbox One games can now be gifted digitally, where formerly, only a select few were giftable. Certain Xbox One digital games and DLC first received this treatment last fall, along with Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions.

Games can be gifted via the Microsoft Store by inputting an email address or, on Xbox One consoles only, a friend's Gamertag. Xbox 360 or original games, free products, pre-orders, and consumable DLC cannot be gifted, and there's a limit of two gifts of discounted content every 14 days.

At launch on May 10, not all PC games will be available for the service, but every eligible PC game in the Microsoft Store should be giftable by May 11.

Per Microsoft, digital gifting has been a popular request from its audience and the limited Xbox One giftable titles proved successful enough to expand the service.

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