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Little Orbit acquires GamersFirst, APB Reloaded

Acquisition includes promise of frequent updates, community management changes

Publisher and developer Little Orbit announced today via press release that it has acquired the games portal GamersFirst.com and with it, game licenses including MMO shooter APB Reloaded. With this acquisition, Little Orbit promises content updates to APB Reloaded, as well as improved community management and communication with the player base.

GamersFirst is a game distribution platform with over 23 million registered users. It was previously owned and maintained by Reloaded Games specifically to distribute their free-to-play titles. Its biggest title, APB: Reloaded, has seen success despite struggles. The original APB (All Points Bulletin) suffered from a rocky launch and its developers, Realtime Worlds, imploded shortly after. GamersFirst acquired the property and retooled it into the free-to-play APB: Reloaded.

For APB: Reloaded, Little Orbit promises an "aggressive update plan" on two fronts. The first includes a forum clean-up, updates to banning and cheating procedures, and better communication in general. It also will bring game content updates, with new clothing, guns, vehicles, maps, play modes, and matchmaking planned for the first wave.

It's a tall order, but Little Orbit already boasts a number of publishing credits. These include various Cartoon Network and Barbie licensed titles and the upcoming Descent: Underground, currently in early access.

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