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Eyebrow Interactive wins Indie Games Challenge Grand Prize

Indie hit Closure takes home big prize at awards ceremony

Eyebrow Interactive title Closure has won the Grand Prize at the Indie Games Challenge.

"We are proud to announce we are the winners of the Indie Games Challenge Grand Prize! Thanks for all the support..." said the game's official Twitter.

The game was created by programmer Tyler Glaiel, Chris Rhyne and Jon Schubbe and will be out on Windows, Mac and PlayStation this spring. The original flash game is currently available on Newsgrounds.

Tim Schafer was one of the first to offer the team congratulations via Twitter.

"Congratulations to Eyebrow Interactive for winning the Indie Game Challenge at DICE! Closure is awesome!"

The team will receive $100,000 for their win. It's not its first victory either, the game has taken home the Innovation Award from Indiecade and the Excellence in Audio award from the Independent Games Festival in the past.

At the award ceremony Symphony also won the award for Technical Achievement while The Bridge took home awards for both gameplay and art.

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