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Downloadable titles get dedicated site

Hookshot Inc launched by team of veteran games journalists

A group of experienced industry journalists today launched Hookshot Inc, a website dedicated to downloadable titles.

The site was created by Will Porter, Keith Stuart, Simon Parkin and Christian Donlan and will cover digital games priced at $15 or below, regardless of platform.

"Keeping track of the very best downloadable titles on multiple platforms can be a challenge" explained Porter.

"We want to help separate the signal from the noise. There are countless downloadable games being created by companies big and small, and we want to single out the ones that truly deserve the attention of busy people with hectic lives."

Browser, Facebook, mobile and tablet games will all be covered by the team, which has an impressive track record in the world of video game writing.

"Each of us has been working in the games industry for the best part of a decade, or more" added Stuart.

"We thought it was high time to get together, pool our resources and create our own platform that would attract like-minded gamers."

Between them the team has contributed to The Guardian, Edge, Eurogamer, Gamasutra, Boing Boing, PC Gamer and Official PlayStation Magazine, as well as numerous other projects. The distinctive logo was designed by Gary J. Lucken.

"With games like Shadow Complex, Super Crate Box, Triple Town, Alchemy, and Drop7 out, this is something we've wanted to do for ages," said Donlan.

"We had to give it a try, even if it turns out to be a(nother) humiliating disaster."

The site is now live and features content like an interview with Tim Schafer and a review of iOS title, A Gay Dragon, as well as much much more.

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