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Rocksteady: "There's a real talent drain"

Sefton Hill shares concerns over dwindling developer numbers in UK

A recent interview saw Rocksteady game director Sefton Hill lament the UK's diminishing talent pool, as developers are forced to travel in search of employment.

"A lot of my friends have moved abroad to get work; there's a real talent drain," Hill told CVG.

"Montreal is a central place for development and it's mainly because the tax breaks they give are so phenomenal."

He explained that while the home computing and programming history of the UK meant that while there was up and coming talent, that talent was rapidly leaving the country for cities like Montreal, where the industry receive government support.

"We have great developers here but those numbers are dwindling," he warned."

"You just think about quality developers like Bizarre Creations, Black Rock - people who are making really good games and going out of business. Those guys were so talented so how can that happen? I just think that we could have been in Montreal's position with that backing from the government. It's such a big industry now and we could be world leaders."

Rocksteady has found acclaim with its Batman franchise. Batman: Arkham Asylum shipped 4.6 million copies in week one, and garnered a huge amount of positive reviews.

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