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Unite 12 to be held in Amsterdam

Unity conference moves closer to European developer community

The 6th annual Unite developer conference will take place in Amsterdam on August 22 to 24 this year.

The event is staged by Unity Technologies to give its growing community of developers a venue to meet and share ideas. However, previous locations like Montreal and San Francisco have made it difficult for the engine's European developers to attend.

"This is the best opportunity for the whole Unity team to interact with all of the developers that use the product we work so hard to create," said CEO David Helgason in a statement.

"We go there to learn as much as to teach: how is Unity being used, what do we need to improve, and what should we do more of."

The first Unity conference attracted 70 people, but last year's San Francisco based event was attended by more than 1300 developers.

"Every time we choose a location for Unite, we want to meet more of our customers," explains Helgason. "Unite has been in the US and Canada for the last couple of years so we figured a glorious return to Europe was about time."

"We chose Amsterdam because it's a fun and well-connected city that also has a strong development community."

Unite 12 will begin with a keynote from the company founders, followed by a series of seminars from successful Unity developers and an awards ceremony. It will be preceded by a Training Day specifically targeted at Flash developers and those new to the platform.

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