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Nintendo 3DS DLC on sale

Paid downloadable content now available for the handheld in Japan

The first pieces of paid downloadable content have gone on sale in Japan.

Nintendo's 3DS photo editing app Tobidasu Print Club Kiradeco Revolution released three different decoration sets yesterday, each costing around ¥100, or around 82p.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy from Square Enix is also planning DLC, and will be the first boxed product to offer it.

It was November when Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed the handheld would start to allow paid for content.

"In terms of what the next system update will allow, it will allow developers to sell add-on content, and whether that's for a physical game or a digitally released game," he said.

"In terms of how it will work, it's up to the developer whether they want to make it to buy new levels, new items - all of that is up to their imagination. Essentially, what we're doing is creating the framework for those transactions to happen."

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