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GAME: We have no immediate stock problems, staff are being paid

Retailer denies spurious claims that Friday's new releases won't be on sale

UK retailer GAME has denied reports that it will not be stocking Friday's new releases in its stores, reassuring customers that it has no immediate problems with obtaining stock.

Stories had arisen which suggested that GAME's recent problems with credit insurance had lead to it not being able to pay for stock, which publishers were demanding cash in advance for, rather than offering it on the usual sale-or-return basis.

Some media outlets had also suggested that acquisition of stock would be a long term problem, as well as claiming that staff at the retailer's stores had not been paid.

But GAME spokesperson Simon Soffe has denied all three of those claims to, issuing a statement which echoes that given to sister site Eurogamer.

"This week's big releases are currently all being processed through our system ready for launch on Friday as planned, including Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Soul Calibur V, which will all be available in stores and online," Soffe clarified.

"We are continuing to work closely with our industry partners and have big plans for further exciting launches.

"Claims regarding colleagues not being paid are untrue: all colleagues who are paid monthly were paid yesterday (31 January)."

The issue of credit insurance is a murkier one, but Soffe was quick to reassure that he foresaw no issues in the near future with securing stock, saying that the chain's industry and retail partners were working collaboratively with the retailer to overcome the difficulties currently facing the company.

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