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DeNA and NetDragon Websoft to form new company

Will localise mobile and social titles for Chinese market

DeNA and Chinese online developer NetDragon Websoft plan to form a new joint company this quarter.

The venture will bring more social and mobile games to the Chinese market, with a paid in capital totalling $6 million and a start up team of 30.

NetDragon currently operates a mobile marketplace with around 40 million users, and the new team will localise social games, including DeNA's, for this platform.

The companies have been working together since April last year. NetDragon was founded in China in 1999, and focuses on MMORPGs. It's first title was Monster & Me, and currently supports titles such as Disney Fantasy Online and Heroes Of Might And Magic Online.

In late 2011 DeNa also announced it was teaming up with Vietnamese internet company and developer VNG Corp.

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