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Razer working on high-performance gaming tablet

"Project Fiona" contains Intel Core i7 processor, will run today's PC games natively

Gaming hardware specialist Razer has developed a concept for a high performance gaming tablet.

The concept, known as "Project Fiona", was unveiled at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The device is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, which will allow it to run "the most popular PC games of today" natively.

The device is composed of a tablet with a controller mounted on its left and right side when held horizontally. Each controller has an analogue stick at the top, with four face buttons below - two on each side. It also features "ultra-precise" accelerometers and a multi-touch screen.

"Project Fiona's combination of high performance Intel-based gaming hardware and innovative tablet design is specifically focused for PC gamers," said Intel director Brad Graff in a statement.

"It will unleash the PC gamer to play their existing and future high-end games in one of the most exciting new form factors - a tablet."

Razer expects the finished product to ship in Q4 2012, at an estimated price of "below" $1000.

Apple's iPad continues to dominate the nascent tablet market, with competitor devices from Motorola, HP, Blackberry, Asus and Samsung failing to gain significant market share. Sony also recently cut the US price of its PlayStation branded Tablet S from $500 to $400, just three months after the device first launched.

Only Amazon's Kindle Fire, which retails at $199, has mounted a serious challenge to Apple, selling 1 million units per week in December.

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