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US AT&T Vita data plans detailed

250MB for $14.99 a month, 2GB for $25

US mobile carrier AT&T has priced its data plans for Sony's PlayStation Vita in the US, where it will charge $14.99 a month for a 250MB plan and $25 a month for 2GB.

Both plans will be available on monthly terms, with no contract commitment. It is expected, but unconfirmed, that AT&T will follow the same policy it does with its iPhone contracts and only allow downloads of up to 20MB via 3G, with anything larger having to come via wi-fi.

To make that easier for customers, AT&T is offering free wi-fi access to Vita users in around 29,000 hotspots across the US.

Also included in the deal for the 3G version of the handheld, which costs an extra $50 than the wi-fi only unit, is a free download of one of a list of games from the PlayStation store, reports 1-Up.

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