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GameStop closes Northern Ireland stores

Customers met with shuttered store fronts, commercial director Michael Finucane confirms

Retailer GameStop has reportedly closed its Northern Irish outlets, and informed staff it will cease trading in the country.

According to TheGamingLiberty customers at the Belfast store were met with closed shutters and posters rediecting their business to the GameStop UK website.

In response to a customer question about the closures on the brands official facebook page, GameStop UK seemed to indirectly confirm the rumours.

" We are transferring all of our UK business on-line to We will honour all outstanding deposits and gift cards" has approached the retailer for comment, following reports that management of the stores have signed NDAs regarding the matter. Customers and former staff are still commenting on the closures on both Twitter and Facebook.


Commercial director Michael Finucane has confirmed the news to MCV.

"The recent store closures in Northern Ireland are part of our plan, announced six months ago, to exit the UK market from a brick and mortar perspective. We started this process last year closing our Birmingham, Stockport and Belfast locations.

"The stores in the Republic of Ireland are not affected at this time."

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