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Brian Crecente, Joel Johnson moving on from Kotaku

Stephen Totilo to take over as editor-in-chief of gaming blog

Both Brian Crecente and Joel Johnson, senior editorial figures at the Gawker Media-owned gaming blog Kotaku, are to leave the site, with Stephen Totilo stepping into the role of editor-in-chief.

Crecente will be moving outside Gawker to take on a new project, which was not specified in a personal message to readers posted at the site.

Joel Johnson, who had been operating as the site's editorial director, will be moving to another Gawker publication, Jalopnik, to oversee that site's development.

Totilo also made an extensive and personal post about his new appointment, focusing on the influence of the outgoing staff on the personality of the sometimes controversial site, and the opportunities which will arise for its existing writers.

"You can continue to expect news and criticism from Kotaku - stories not just about video games but about the people who play them, make them or trash-talk them," said Totilo in his inaugural post as editor-in-chief.

"Expect a Kotaku that will be as interesting to look at as it is to read. Expect a Kotaku that is a cultural authority about video games, one that will translate this thing we love for those who don't play games while telling even the most fervent gamer about some obscure, awesome game they've never heard of."

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