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Shoot-'em-up specialist Cave refocusing on social

Predicted operating loss of ¥31 million forces bullet-hell studio to aim for bigger target

Japanese "bullet hell" shoot-'em-up specialist Cave has decided to refocus a large portion of its resources on social development after lower than expected sales lead to a prediction of a ¥31 million operating loss.

Originally the company had expected a ¥10 million operating profit for the period between June 1 and November 31, but sales of ¥1.3 billion rather than ¥1.4 billion have lead it to revise both six month and full-year expectations.

Full-year operating income is now predicted at ¥50 million rather than ¥310 million, reports Andriasang.

Because of the poor results, the company has announced that it will be putting some of its specialist projects on hold to free up more resources for social gaming, which it sees as offering a better profit margin. The company offered no further details on what would be cancelled.

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