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Harmonix shareholders owed $383M in Viacom row

Joint appointed accountant reaches decision in Rock Band developer's dispute

An accountant appointed by both Harmonix shareholders and Viacom to settle their ongoing dispute has decided in favour of the shareholders, and declared that Viacom owes them more than $383 million.

According to Gamasutra, Viacom has already appealed against the findings by filing a suit requesting that the accountants, BDO USA, "consider arguments and evidence that were improperly excluded."

This is the latest milestone in an ongoing legal dispute between the Rock Band developers and the entertainment giant. In September last year Viacom, which owned Harmonix until last year, filed a suit demanding the return of $131 million worth of performance related overpayments.

The Harmonix shareholders had themselves filed a suit in December 2010, which argued that not enough had been paid in these performance related bonuses due to manipulated accounts from Viacom.

Viacom acquired Harmonix in 2006, with the promise to shareholders including founders Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy of performance related bonuses for 2007 and 2008.

Harmonix was later sold for $49.99 to investment firm Columbus Nova, according to reports.

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