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New editor-in-chief for GamesBeat

Dan Hsu to lead VentureBeat games channel's expansion

VentureBeat has appointed Dan Hsu as editor-in-chief of its GamesBeat channel. Hsu will oversee the current GamesBeat team, including lead writer Dean Takahashi.

"Dean loves writing, reporting, and covering the news beat and doesn't necessarily have the bandwidth to manage and edit a team of writers," Hsu told IndustryGamers.

"I've been an editor for 16 years now and have managed teams at EGM, 1UP, Gamers.com, and Bitmob.com, so that's a perfect fit. I'm very much looking forward to bringing the Bitmob crowd over and working with Dean and everyone else at VentureBeat!"

Shu is a 16 year veteran of the industry media, working with EGM, Ziff Davis Media and founding Bitmob. Takahasi praised the team's new addition.

"I am thrilled to have Shoe on board, not only because he enjoys the finer points of handling payroll, but also because he is an excellent editor with a great track record for communicating well and managing big teams."

VentureBeat also gains an East Coast editor in the form of former editor of Betabeat, Ben Popper.

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