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2012 IGF finalists announced

Dear Esther, Fez, Frozen Synapse, Johann Sebastian Joust and Spelunky compete for main prize

The finalists for the 2012 IGF prizes have been announced, with 200 judges participating in the selection process.

The winners will be chosen across seven categories, honouring Excellence In Visual Art, Technical Excellence, Excellence In Design, Excellence In Audio, the Best Mobile Game, abstract shortform achievement in the Nuovo Award and the Seamus McNally Grand Prize.

Competing for the main award are Dear Esther, a first-person ghost story depicted in the Portal 2 engine, puzzle game Fez, turn-based combat title Frozen Synapse, motion controlled Johann Sebastian Joust and procedurally-generated platformer Spelunky.

A full list of the categories and their finalists is available via the IGF website.

Winners will be announced at GDC in San Francisco in March, alongside the Game Developers Choice awards.

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