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Former PopCap dev launches mobile incentives start up

Roy Liu's Gimmie will reward mobile app users with real world items

New San Francisco start up Gimmie will offer a new type of mobile app incentive, one that can earn users real world items.

The company was founded in 2011 by former PopCap developer Roy Liu and David Ng of China Cache. The new reward program enters a beta test today with 10 mobile developers.

The rewards work on a points system, with users earning Gimmie points and them using them to purchase items, or access discounts, in the real world. So buy a virtual item or complete an action in the app on your smartphone, and earn points to get a discount on a real product.

"The biggest part of developing a good mobile game is creating the best user experience, and so often mobile ads get in the way of this," Jason Citron, Gimmie advisor and OpenFeint founder, told GamesBeat.

"Gimmie is the first monetization platform I've seen that doesn't interfere with the game, and it provides a whole new way to help developers increase engagement that is fun for everyone. It's a dramatically different approach from any other platform I've seen."

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