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EA opens Worldwide Customer Experience office in Austin

COO Moore says it will be a "global headquarters" for customer services

EA has opened a new office Worldwide Customer Experience in Austin, Texas, which will bring new jobs to the region and become a centre for the publisher's customer service operations.

"This is the global headquarters and it's where we manage all of our customer service centres around the world," COO Peter Moore told IndustryGamers.

The office is currently has a team of 50, is but looking for new employees. One of the reasons for the move is a deal with Texan Governor Rick Perry to bring 300 jobs to Austin. EA already has a number of operations in Austin, including BioWare, EA Sports and an IT base.

"It's similar to what we did in Vancouver," said Moore.

"When we put roots down there, the government of B.C. welcomed us and supported us and we became a tentpole for bringing in digital talent - not only for us but for companies sprouting up alongside us, and I expect to continue to see that here in Austin."

He also revealed that development studio Bioware Austin will continue to grow with player numbers for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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