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Gaikai expands customer base with BestBuy, YouTube, more

Capcom, Ubisoft amongst gaming clients

Game streaming company Gaikai has added BestBuy, YouTube, Ubisoft and Capcom to its client list, subtly building a catalogue of both industry and external businesses as it expands its services.

The company has also hired Mark Anderson, ex COO of Fox Mobile and CFO of Sony Digital Pictures, according to a report by VentureBeat.

Last month, sister-site Eurogamer announced it would be hosting Gaikai demos as part of its service. EA's Origin portal also operates Gaikai streaming, as does Walmart's website.

"The ability to pull a lever and have a million people play your game is something that's crazy to even think about today," said Gaikai chief Dave Perry in a September interview with

"That's a very difficult problem, yet with cloud gaming that will be really quite straight forward. A normal way of thinking will be, 'I want another million and another million.'"

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