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One month later, OnLive iOS app still unavailable

Promised OnLive player could be stuck in Apple's notorious approvals process

Despite a successful release on Android, there's still no sign of the OnLive app for Apple devices, and no information from OnLive on when the service will be released.

The app allows gamers to stream a selection of playable games to their mobile devices. The Android version went live last month, has over 50,000 downloads and has seen mainly favourable reviews from users. The iOS version was supposed to have a near simultaneous release. approached OnLive's UK representative for comment, but has yet to receive a statement. OnLive reconfigured 25 games for the roll-out on touch screen devices, including a version of L.A. Noire from Rockstar Games, but there is currently no indication of timeframe for release on the most popular phone and tablet devices from Apple.

iOS developers told that the app submissions process can be tricky to navigate and highlighted three specific points where the OnLive app could face sticking points.

"It could have been initially rejected by the approval board and is currently in resubmission," said a source.

"It could be in the appeals process - you can appeal a rejection - or it could be in redesign after a particularly awkward rejection. I bet good money it's still stuck in the approvals process."

The appeals process can take weeks according to iOs developers, and even resubmitting an app pushes it to the back of the approvals queue. Factor in the Christmas holiday period and it highlights the foolishness of annoucing an app before it's been approved.

But another of the causes for the app getting stuck in the approval process could be the most fundamental of them all, money.

The most likely explanation for the delay is that the hardware manufacturer has demanded that OnLive directs all its sales through an in-app purchase system, a requirement that Apple is notoriously strict on. This would mean a redesign and possibly a price rise for OnLive - but Apple would then get a 30 per cent cut of all sales.

The OnLive service that uses a MicroConsole launched in the UK on September 22.


"At the moment, the app is still within the Apple approval system," an OnLive spokesperson told when questioned over the delay.

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