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Worldwide launch for Wii U in 2012

Iwata confirms Japan, US, Europe, Australia to get console this year

Nintendo has confirmed that it will release the Wii U console by the end of the year in all major markets.

Speaking following the release of its latest financial results, president Satoru Iwata said the system will be available for the Christmas period in Japan, the US, Europe and Australia, reports Reuters.

The launch window is no surprise, with Nintendo stating last year it expected the new console to arrive in 2012, but it should offer some comfort to investors during a financial year in which the company is expecting to make a loss of ¥65 billion.

Revealed at E3 last year, the Wii U received a warm reception from press and the development community although many unknowns surround the project. This year Nintendo plans to showcase the final specs for the system in June.

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