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6waves Lolapps acquires mobile dev

Escalation Studios to concentrate on mobile titles for international market

6waves Lolapps has recently acquired Escalation Studios, a mobile development team based in Dallas, Texas.

Escalation will create iOS, Android and QQ games for the international market.

"The way we saw it, if we work together, we'll be able to hit the market faster and make decisions better, since we have a lot more data distribution," said chief product officer Arjun Sethi told Gamasutra.

"We also want to have a better understanding of the mobile space, and we want to have a better understanding of what other developers will need."

CEO Rex Ng also told the site Lolapps hopes to double its business this year.

Lolapps is the developer of popular Facebook title Ravenwood Fair, and in October last year also acquired Beijing studio Smartron5.

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