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Savtira appoints Xbox creator to advisory board

Digital distribution company welcomes Kevin Bachus to team

Kevin Bachus, who can be credited with helping to create the Xbox, has joined the advisory board of cloud commerce company, Savtira Corporation.

"Kevin is one of the best-known and most highly respected executives in the video game industry," says CEO Timothy Roberts.

"We are honoured to have him join our advisory board. Kevin's insight and mentorship for our evolving firm will prove invaluable."

Bachus is currently chief product officer for social networking site Bebo, but has also held roles at Microsoft as group product manager for DirectX, helped to create the Xbox and acted as first director of third party relations for the console.

"Technology and interactive entertainment have been my two great passions in life and if given the opportunity, I am more than happy to share the knowledge I've acquired with other innovative, pioneering firms such as Savtira," he said.

"Every new experience is a learning experience so I look forward to coaching Savtira, as well as developing new insight into the Cloud Commerce arena."

Savtira's partners include Dell, Intel, Microsoft and Nvidia.

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