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GamesAid launches #GamesAidMinute to encourage weekly fundraising

Industry organisation also unveils new logo, has raised 62p per minute for charities over 10 years

GamesAid is kicking off a new initiative to motivate industry members into regularly mustering support for its partner charities.

The concept, #GamesAidMinute, urges games folks to set aside one minute per week to think about what they can do to help the organisation's efforts. Examples range from simply sharing the charity's message via social media to sorting out some unwanted games or memorabilia that to be could sold to raise money.

Industry members could even use this minute to buy a ticket to an upcoming GamesAid event, or help to host or sponsor one. The charity is encouraging people to set a weekly reminder for their GamesAid Minute in the hopes that regular activity will keep the organisation front of mind.

The idea follows the group's annual cheque giving at EGX in September, where £23,890 was donated to each of the nine partner charities. GamesAid Minute efforts would continue to support such organisations, including Access Sport, Autistica, Solving Kids Cancer, The Clock Tower Sanctuary and My AFK.

GamesAid also took the opportunity to unveil a new-look logo, designed with the help of Gamer Creative.

"Over the last ten years, GamesAid have raised £3.3 million for disadvantaged young people and children, which is an incredible 62p per minute," said GamesAid chair Matt Spall.

"Just one minute out of your day each week, could make all the difference. Imagine how many more people we could support if everyone did their GamesAid Minute."