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Alan Wake returns to Steam after renegotiation of music rights

Publisher Microsoft regains rights to licensed tracks, title will return to Microsoft store as well

Nearly a year and a half after Alan Wake was removed from console and PC storefronts due to music rights expiring, Remedy's title has returned to Steam thanks to renegotiation of those rights.

In May of last year, Alan Wake was taken off Steam and console storefronts due to the expiration of music rights for a number of tracks in the game. The original agreement, made by Microsoft, apparently only lasted for seven years. At the time, developer Remedy noted that since the rights had been negotiated by Microsoft, the agreements were out of Remedy's hands.

But a few days ago, Remedy tweeted that the game had returned to Steam, and in a follow-up tweet noted it would return to the Microsoft store "very soon" as well.

The game's return is thanks to Microsoft's renegotiation of the licensed music rights, and all music in the game will remain as it was when Alan Wake was originally published.

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