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Discord Store planning offline mode, currently uses opt-in DRM

For now, developers on the platform can choose whether or not to require Discord launched and online to start a game

With the beta of the Discord Store up and running, users are now able to purchase, download, and launch games through what was previously just a chat service. But with that ability now comes the question of DRM, and for the moment, Discord is aiming for a developer-led solution.

PC Gamer reports that, at the moment, Discord's DRM is something developers can opt into, requiring Discord be launched and online before a game purchased from its store will launch.

This is true even for some single-player-only or Discord-exclusive games, such as Sinner: Sacrifice.

That said, a Discord representative has told PC Gamer that the company is working on an offline mode that will not require Discord to be launched for a game to run, though clarity was not provided as to what this will mean for developers who desire the option for their titles.

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