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Hugo Games acquires 5th Planet Games for $737,000

Kings of Soccer dev brings Sacramento studio into the fold, with games that generate $800,000 per year

Denmark-based mobile developer and publisher Hugo Games has acquired another studio in the form of 5th Planet Games.

Hugo Games is the firm behind Kings of Soccer, Doodle Jump 2 and various titles starring Hugo The Troll. It has used existing liquidity to purchase 5th Planet in a deal that costs $737,000.

Meanwhile, 5th Planet, based in Californian city Sacramento, is best known for titles such as Dawn of the Dragons, Curio Quest, Age of Heroes and Tap Cat 9 Lives, and is one of the best-selling developers on Kongregate.

The revenue from these four titles currently stands at $800,000 per year, and Hugo Games has high hopes for the upcoming sequel to Dawn of the Dragons, which it is spending a further $160,000 on to bring it to market. The original's total revenues have so far reached $27.7 million.

5th Planet Games founder Robert Winkler will stay on as studio lead of the Sacramento team, running his team of 15 developers.

Hugo Games CEO Henrik Nielsen said: "The 5th Planet Games crew are experts in the type of mobile games known as community-based games.

"They have proved that they are able to create a high degree of retention and, even more importantly, they are able to [monetise] on them and earn money. This basically means that they have the knowhow to maintain their customers and make them deliver a steady income. That's an important and valuable ability which supplements Hugo Games perfectly."

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