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The average Football Manager 2018 player has over 285 hours of playtime

Nearly half of the game's owners were still playing in September - almost a year after release

Football Manager 2019 launches in just a few weeks, but to hear developer Sports Interactive tell it, the game's previous iteration is still plenty popular on its own.

In a tweet from game director Miles Jacobson, he provided several stats for Football Manager 2018 that show its stand-out longevity among PC games. For one, the game has an average Steam playtime per person of 285 hours and 3 minutes.

That seems unnaturally high, but it makes a bit more sense in the context of the next statistic: 46% of those who purchased Football Manager 2018 still played at least once in the month of September - 11 months after the game's release.

Jacobson also noted that 344 million matches had been played since the game's release, and 85.39% of those matches were played in 3D, as opposed to the game's 2D camera view option.

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