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Kojima joins Prologue Immersive advisory board

New post at VR startup sees designer reunite with collaborator from Metal Gear Solid cinematics

Hideo Kojima may have left the Metal Gear series behind when he left Konami, but he's still keeping up with some of his old collaborators. Start-up virtual reality outfit Prologue Immersive announced the designer as a member of its advisory board this week.

Founded in 2015, Prologue Immersive is the VR-focused offshoot of Prologue, a visual effects studio founded in 2003 by Kimberly Cooper and Kyle Cooper that has worked on credit sequences and VFX shots for some of the biggest films and franchises in Hollywood. In addition to series like Iron Man, X-Men, Sherlock Holmes, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Prologue has also provided work for games like Destiny, Medal of Honor, Doom 3, and Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3.

"I'm very excited to hear that masters of the visual arts such as Kyle Cooper and his team are taking on yet another challenge in this digital interactive media that is VR," Kojima said. "Through VR, I am certain they will strive to connect films and video games and take us on to that bridge to the future that lies ahead. It would be my absolute pleasure to assist the Coopers on this new adventure they are embarking on... We can expect a whole new world of entertainment. 2016 will surely be remembered as Year One for VR."

Prologue Immersive is currently working on The Land of Hope and Glory, a stop-motion animated 360-degree VR film about a commencement address given to a graduating class of devils. VR isn't the only emerging technology the team is putting to work on the film, as its stop-motion actors and set are being produced with the aid of 3D printing.

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