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SCEE adds 3D to university curriculum

The University of Central Lancashire adds stereoscopic 3D to game development courses

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and he University of Central Lancashire have joined forces to offer students experience with stereoscopic 3D.

"It's been great working with UCLan because the staff are keen to move with developments and have taken on board a vision of 3D gaming," said Simon Benson, SCEE's senior development manager and 3D expert.

"They are providing their students with industry informed skills that are very much needed in the future of gaming."

40 students from the university took part is a stereoscopic user study, the results of which will be presented at the 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles.   Three graduates recently implemented stereoscopic 3D into their final year projects, and worked closely with PlayStation's 3D team.

"The work we've seen is high quality and at the cutting edge of games development," commented SCEE senior engineer Ian Bickerstaff.

"The industry is in the early stages of 3D gaming and these students are already pushing the boundaries and finding ways to improve the standard of what is the next generation of gaming."

As well as experts, SCEE provided the university with 3D televisions and glasses, a console and a catalogue of 3D software.

"Being able to work with a company like Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and draw on their expertise has been really beneficial to me," said recent games development graduate Stuart Brown.

"I've had a real insight to what it's like working in the games development industry."

The university intends to help SCEE with larger trials, and to add 3D to its TV Production curriculum.

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