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id Software: "You need to make a franchise"

Developers can't afford an only child when it comes to new IP, says creative director Tim Willets

id Software's creative director - and 17 year company veteran - Tim Willits, believes that new intellectual property should be considered a franchise from conception.

"You need to made a franchise" Willits told in an exclusive interview. "Especially for us. We're doing everything we can to turn Rage into a franchise, please let it sell so we can make another one."

Rage is a new IP for the company and is due for release on October 7. Willits explained from day one, id Software knew it wanted to make a sequel.

"We definitely, from the get go, planned to make this a much bigger franchise, a much richer world, that allows us to have different games, and we can make more mobile games, heck, we could make a social game with Rage if we wanted to. And hopefully we can make a Rage 2. Hopefully."

He went on to talk about the company's commitment to cutting edge technology, an ethos that is expensive, but can be worthwhile, as long as you're making franchises.

"It's huge investment in new technology, it's taken us a long time to make the engine, we're definitely leveraging this technology of course with the next Doom game and hopefully with Rage 2 and some of our other titles."

"From a business standpoint, making a part two is always smart."

The full interview with Tim Willets, where he also reveals how the Doom 4 announcement was a hook to bait CVs, can be read here.

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