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Halfbrick Studios wants 70 million downloads in China

Fruit Ninja developer calls China "its number one market"

Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick Studios is focused on the Chinese market, where it's pushing for another 70 million downloads.

"The Chinese market is our number one market going forward," said CEO Shainiel Deo in a report fromPC World.

"When you see the rate of downloads per day and the rate its increasing, I don't think its going to be a big deal to hit that target."

Deo was speaking at the mobiTalk event in Beijing. He also revealed that China is now Fruit Ninja's second largest market, with 30 per cent, or 20 million downloads. Deo also speculated that 50 per cent of Fruit Ninja players had a pirated copy.

The company is now working with iDreamSky, a Chinese mobile company, to promote the game in the country, and releasing a free to play version of the game with built in microtransactions.

The Fruit Ninja franchise currently extends across iOS, Android, Xbox 360's Kinect and most recently, Facebook.

Just yesterday published an exclusive report, in which online developers warned against the practice of using the Asian markets to manipulate MAU and DAU numbers.

Halfbrick Studios is an independent studio based in Brisbane, Australia, and its recent focus has been Android and iOS titles. Some of it's most popular games include the Fruit Ninja franchise and Jetpack Joyride.

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