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Starbreeze announces fresh IP in development

Swedish studio working with award-winning director and writer Josef Fares

Starbreeze, the studio behind The Darkness and The Chronicles of Riddick, has announced that it's working on a brand new original IP alongside award-winning director and writer Josef Fares and Swedish company The Story Lab.

The studio, which employs 90 staff, has not yet revealed any details of format, genre or plot but says that Farsan - who has had several cinematic hits in the Nordic region - approached with a concept which it found irrestible.

"Just minutes into Josef's presentation we knew that this was a game that we wanted to develop, and we started to work on the concept the very same day" says Mikael Nermark, Starbreeze CEO.

"I love games, and I have been working on a games concept for quite some time," added Fares. "The more I worked with the concept, the more convinced I felt that this is a solid game idea. Together with Story Lab we created a prototype that we presented to Starbreeze, and they instantly liked the concept."

Starbreeze is currently also working on the recently confirmed FPS remake of classic Bullfrog title Syndicate, which has caused something of a backlash among fans of the original for not sticking more closely to its roots.

Part of the EA Partners system, the project, previously known as Project Redlime, has been fairly common knowledge for some years. However, the official reveal, including screenshots, only occured last week.