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Exec producer Dan Stahl exits Cryptic

Stephen D'Angelo returns to manage Star Trek Online

Executive producer of Star Trek Online, Dan Stahl, is departing Cryptic Studios at the end of the month.

He announced his decision on the game's official website, citing a desire to "pursue new challenges."

He will be replaced by Stephen D'Angelo, Cryptic's CTO and former lead programmer on the title.

"There is no one to blame for my departure but me. In my opinion, Perfect World is going to be an amazing partner for Cryptic to work with," said Stahl.

Perfect World Entertainment acquired Cryptic Studios in May for £30 million.

In September, it was announced that the title would switch to a free to play business model sometime this year.

"In the meantime, Cryptic will be considering a permanent Executive Producer to take over the LIVE development team in the months after free-to-play launches," added Stahl.

"Rest assured that the team responsible for all the great improvements and enhancements to the game is still here. I've no doubt that you'll enjoy the creativity and talent this team has to offer in the months and years ahead."

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