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PapayaMobile: 69% of our whales are female

Just 4% of customers bring in 60% of revenue

Chinese company PapayaMobile has released data showing that 69 per cent of its 'whales', defined as customers spending more than $100 in game, are women.

Despite making up only 4 per cent of the game's user base, those whales bring in 60 per cent of all revenues. Mid spenders, dishing out between $10 and $100, account for 32 per cent of takings whilst representing 17 per cent of customers.

As part of the analysis, Papaya also discovered that whales are predisposed towards buying 'perishable' and expendable virtual goods such as time or energy, rather than permanent purchases like decoration or avatars.

97 per cent of whale spend goes on consumable items, with 87 per cent being spent on in-game accelerators or short-cuts.

Interestingly, the 'minnows' who end up spending least in the long term - less than $10 - actually outspend whales at first, investing during the first four days then dropping off. The more useful whales peak spending around two or three months in and also have a far higher engagement rate with the social network associated with the game.

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