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Virtuos production studio acquires Sparx 3D animation team

Company expands operation with VFX team

Production service Virtuos, who recently provided 3D models for the film Rango, has snapped up the Sparx 3D animation studio.

"Our origins in HD game production have afforded us the talents to create extremely high-quality assets, including digital doubles, for the movie industry," said Virtuos CEO Gilles Langourieux.

"Bringing together Virtuos' art production infrastructure with Sparx expertise in film-quality animation, cinematics and VFX, we will be able to offer a more fully integrated solution for all our clients."

Virtuos also provides content for Facebook games, PlayStation Home and Xbox Live, and recently worked on the Wii port of Sid Meier's Pirates.

It has acquired both the assets and core VFX team from Sparx, which recently contributed to animation to the children's film Igor.

"Virtuos is very well known in the gaming sector, and may also be the best-kept secret in Hollywood. We are very happy to partner with them, and add our specialised talents to their 800-strong team," said Sparx General Manager Didier Montarou.

Virtuos has around 800 employees with operations on Shanghai, Chengdu, Vancouver, Saigon, Paris and Tokyo.

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