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Massachusetts secures 5 year, $500K grant from US govt

Fund to be used for development of gaming industry in region

The US department of Commerce has awarded a five year, $500,000 grant to the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute, to be spend developing the area's industry.

Key project areas will be marketing and staff, running alongside initiatives to help entrepreneurs looking to invest in games.

"This industry is totally driven by talent," said Institute executive director Tim Loew. "By building a better talent pipeline, we can put Massachusetts in an incredibly advantageous position."

The Initiative is based out of Becker College, Worcester, Massachusetts - founded with combined funds from the college and another local business organisation, the government funded Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

"What we want to make sure, when the next wave builds, that people see that there's an infrastructure already in place in Worcester," said Massachusetts congressman Jim McGovern. "We want this to be the video gaming corridor of not only the Northeast, but the country."